Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife, Translation

The Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 403


Chapter 403  Baili Hong Zhuang’s Means


Dai Yun Yang was already feeling down but after hearing the words of Baili Hong Zhuang he felt like puking blood.

It was not that his strength wasn’t enough, but that the strength of Baili Hong Zhuang had completely exceeded the level of the general middle stage Mysterious Eon cultivator.

Even if she was a Special Enrollment, Baili Hong Zhuang was too strong, ah!

Dai Yun Yang was extremely perplexed seeing this.

Dai Yun Yang fiercely bellowed, “You killed Zhi Man, I will have revenge for her!”

“Oh,” Baili Hong Zhuang sneered, “you want revenge for Dai Zhi Man? You’re really nonsense!”

For Dai Zhi Man and Dai Yun Yang, she had always been filled with a deep disgust.

She never took the initiative to provoke them or cause trouble, it had always been Dai Zhi Man and Dai Yun Yang who continuously came to trouble her.

Although such a cat or a dog would not hurt her, it was really annoying.

“Baili Hong Zhuang, Cang Lan College students are not allowed to kill each other, if you dare to kill me, you can not escape the punishment of the college!”

Dai Yun Yang’s eyes were shining with severe malice, like that of a fierce wolf, a flash of conspiracy hidden in them.

He knew that he had lost today, Baili Hong Zhuang’s strength was beyond his expectations.

However, as long as he could escape this dilemma today, there would be more opportunities for revenge in the future!

Ling Jia Xin, Liu Jing Kan, and Pang Yun Xiang were completely dumbfounded at the moment, they had come here to deal with Baili Hong Zhuang but the end result was that they themselves had been suppressed.

Thinking of this, their faces turned pale and clammy, this is simply shaming for their homes!

Pang Yun Xiang was distressed to the extreme, obviously in the Special Enrollment dormitory only Baili Hong Zhuang as there.
Did not know where these three little guys emerged from, this was not trapping people?

The three of them wanted to help Dai Yun Yang, but the strength of these three little guys is not weak, they were busy so simply could not help.

Baili Hong Zhuang’s eyes condensed on Dai Yun Yang, the latter’s eyes full of hatred, a panoramic view.

Such a person, if she let him go once, she would only be causing unknown trouble for herself at any time in the future.

Letting such unknown trouble exist had never been her, Baili Hong Zhuang’s means.

It was just that there was a bit of risk in college.

If seen by others, it would inevitably provoke more trouble.

After all, people of the college were coming and going all the time, so they may be seen.

Seeing Baili Hong Zhuang’s brows pinched with a troublesome expression, Dai Yun Yang smiled proudly.

“Baili Hong Zhuang, I advise you to obediently let us go, or you will be in trouble.”

Hearing the words, Baili Hong Zhuang’s exquisite face revealed an enchanting and charming smile. She stepped harder on Dai Yun Yang, using more strength.

“You and your sister are really the same; annoying!”

Feeling the severe pain from his chest, the bitter hatred in Dai Yun Yang’s eyes thickened.

“Don’t get so proud, so soon.”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s eyes narrowed, like a Cheshire cat she revealed a lazy smile, charming and shrewd.

“Even if I cannot kill you in Cang Lan College today, but I still want to fulfill you, so I will use another method!”

The next moment, Baili Hong Zhuang’s lips curved up in an even deeper arc, the smile more perfect and charming.

She slowly bent down, and near the ears of Dai Yun Yang, said, “You say, if I destroy your pubic region, what will you do?”


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Pubic region  Dantian
Cang Lan College  Azure Water School

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    By the way, here’s an edit, by “pubic region” they usually call it Dantian in translations

    She slowly bent down, and near the ears of Dai Yun Yang, said, “You say, if I destroy your pubic region, what will you do?”

    She slowly bent down, and near the ears of Dai Yun Yang, said, “You say, if I destroy your dantian, what will you do?”


  2. Go for BHZ as that annoying cockroach will just keep on pestering you if you don’t destroy his cultivation. So looking forward to see where that arrogant will go once he becomes a trash. Thanks for this chapter.


  3. I was worried yesterday when I can’t find your previous site anymore @_@ I thought qidian made it close or something @_@ good thing novel updates has your new site and found it today \(><)/ mine is next week 😂😂😂


  4. I think its not about ending his lineage. But destroying his dantian so ge would never be able to cultivate? Is it not located in the pubic region?


      1. That may be, but in BP, the author has referred to it as pubic region throughout the story, even when Baili Hong Zhuang herself cultivates in the later chapters, she compresses energy in her pubic region. The first time, I was like, ‘huh? where?’


  5. Woah, ending the bloodline right there, how vicious! Then again, spare the world from having to suffer the Dai’s gene pool.
    Well, now he can be a eunuch and serve someone!


      1. That pubic region though 😂😂 I also thought he’ll be a eunuch and I was like “whoaa O.O” .. then I read your note 😂😂😂😂


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