Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife, Translation

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 416


Chapter 416  Mercenary Union’s Blue Level Mission


Eventually, Baili Hong Zhuang’s gaze concentrated on a green herb.

The small plant was green, like beautiful green jade, without the slightest bit of impurity.

It looked somewhat like a tree vine but exuded a charming fragrance.

Baili Hong Zhuang’s eyes expressed her happiness, she had not expected to get such a good thing from Gu Cang Yun.

Xiang Ling rattan was a very precious herb, although its role was pretty common, in several immortality pills and dan there was a need for Xiang Ling rattan.

It was just that the growth conditions for Xiang Ling rattan were very harsh, so there were very few of these, usually Xiang Ling rattan could only be found at an auction and the price would be high.

“That old guy actually did such a good thing before dying.”

Baili Hong Zhuang smiled, wrapping up the Xiang Ling rattan. This final outcome was really good.

Compared to the infamy of Wei Mei Dai, the reputation of Baili Hong Zhuang was getting higher and higher in Cang Lan College.

Even though everyone already knew that she was married to Di Bei Chen, there were still many men who regarded Baili Hong Zhuang as their goddess, and there were many women who considered Baili Hong Zhuang their idol.

Even when facing Gu Cang Yun, Baili Hong Zhuang could still argue reasonably—her guts were just amazing.

As the days restored calmness, Baili Hong Zhuang used the points she gained at the auction to retreat and practice in the Cultivation Pagoda.

Little Black, Little White, and Baishi also followed Baili Hong Zhuang in her retreat, although the points were spent very fast, the strength of Baili Hong Zhuang was also rapidly improving.


Seven days later, a piece of news swept through the Cang Lan City.

Mercenary Union had released a mission, mission rewards were high and it was a blue level mission.

It turned out that after the Demonic Beast Tide, somehow, sometime, to the east of the mountains a miasma forest had appeared.

Someone had heard roars of beasts from this emerged forest, but unable to go through the miasma, he had come back in exasperation.

The Mercenary Union had released the mission after receiving the news and needed cultivators to go to the white miasma forest to find out what had happened for a generous sum of reward.

It wasn’t like such a task had never been issued by the Mercenary Union, but the frequency of this was very low.

After all, such a task was equivalent to an unknown task, and only after going there would someone know what’s going on in there.

The reason why it was determined as a blue level mission was after the Mercenary Union had gotten an understanding of the information and determined the level of danger.

According to Mercenary Union, there were five levels of tasks: yellow, green, blue, purple and red; the Mercenary levels were also divided into these five levels.

The higher the level, the higher the degree of danger. As blue was intermediate, it could be said that the risk factor was not too high.

Therefore, after the announcement of this task, many cultivators set out to explore the Lu Yun Mountains.

That day, Baili Hong Zhuang and others also decided to go the mountains,

Since the previous experience of the Demonic Beast Tide in the Yun Lu Mountains, they had not come to the mountains for a long time.

Compared to ordinary students, Special Enrollment students were indeed much freer.

If not for Di Bei Chen informing her about this, Baili Hong Zhuang was afraid she would have stayed at the Cultivation Pagoda today.

Soon after everyone gathered in the mountains, Lu Huai Yan and Fu Hong Bo arrived.



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[ T/N So, this note is IMPORTANT!
1. The author seems to switch between the terms practitioners and cultivators, the meaning is same so I may also switch sometimes.
2. I too am confused why author put red after purple (mercenary task), since in this book cultivation level is ROYGBIV.
3. I really don’t like the term Little Black and Little White, can I change it to;
Little Black = Xiao Hei and Little White = Xiao Bai. Since, Baishi literally translates to “White Lion”.
4. Heaven and Earth Bag or Yin Yang Pouch? ]


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  1. Nadywing,

    Cui Hoayan is the person who injured and have been saved by Baili using needle secret technic (sorry cant remember it) and

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