Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife, Translation

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 433


Chapter 433  You Are Too Naïve


The two mercenaries only saw a red figure flickering around them like a shadow, none of their attacks yielding the effect they wanted, and their faces turned a bit ugly.

Baili Hong Zhuang was only at the Mysterious Eon Middle stage. One of them was equal to her in strength, and the other was even stronger than Baili Hong Zhuang.

Now that the two had teamed up to take down Baili Hong Zhuang, it turned out that they were not even opponent of Baili Hong Zhuang. Is this a joke?

“Storm breaker!” A dominating force of Yuan Li emerged from Baili Hong Zhuang’s body. The tyrannical force directly hit one of the mercenaries!

According to her thoughts, fighting with two people was a bit tricky. Not to mention that these two had only been fighting for a short while, but they had very good cooperation.

Since they cannot be defeated at the same time, they could only be dealt with one by one.

Sure enough, the man at the Mysterious Eon Middle stage was panicking at the martial arts displayed by Baili Hong Zhuang. His hands came forward to ward off against it as he displayed a martial art.


The two martial arts met in mid-air, and the mighty power from it exploded in an instant.

The man stepped back a few steps, his face flushed. His mouth was filled with metallic sweetness, but he swallowed hard.

Obviously, this collision had caused the man to suffer from internal injuries.

Baili Hong Zhuang looked indifferent, but she was a little proud of herself.

Mercenaries walked on the edge of life and death, although their fighting experience was stronger than that of young masters, they also have a weakness, that is, their cultivation resources cannot be compared to that of young masters.

Her ‘storm breaker’ was a Yellow middle-stage martial art, and the opponent’s martial arts was just at the beginning of the Yellow level, so when the two collided, it was needless to say what would happen.

Seeing his companion hurt, the cultivator at Mysterious Eon Late stage rushed towards Baili Hong Zhuang, a bit of anger in his eyes.

“You dare to hurt my brother. I will not let you go!” Baili Hong Zhuang glanced at that person coldly.

“Then it is alright for you to kill me and not for me to hurt you? What you think is really too naïve!”

“Really?!” The man said coldly, “You cultivation stage will not be my opponent.”

“You are just blabbering now.” Baili Hong Zhuang sneered, her face displaying her contempt. Since it is an opponent, there was no room for mercy!

The next moment, Baili Hong Zhuang disappeared from where she was as she turned into a shadow, appearing behind the man.

There were swords in her hand and she did not plan to waste too much time on this…


The man’s stature moved as he tried to move, but he still received a huge wound on his left arm.

Looking at the wound on his arm, the man’s eyes hardened. If he had been half a second late, he feared, that he would have lost his life.

All along he had been very disdainful of students in the school, thinking that they only depended on family resources to cultivate.

If there are no family resources, they can do nothing at all.

However, at the moment, when he saw Baili Hong Zhuang, he could not help but change his mind.

Baili Hong Zhuang’s cultivation stage was lower than hers, but fighting power was stronger than him. This was enough to prove her strength.

During the fighting between Baili Hong Zhuang and that man, Dong Fang Yu, and the others also fought in full swing with the other mercenaries.

Gong Shao Qing and Yi Hu Cheng were still fighting each other, and Dong Fang Yu showed no signs of defeat.


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