Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife, Translation

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 435


Chapter 435  Spicy, I Like It


After analyzing Liu Qin Yue’s stand, Baili Hong Zhuang shook her head.

Quite logically, even though both her and the mercenary were at Mysterious Eon late stage, and Liu Qin Yue’s lack of experience in battles, if she had relied on her level of martial arts, Liu Qin Yue would not have been forced backwards step by step. She could have had the upper hand, but the opportunity was now lost.

It seemed that Liu Qin Yue had no way to fight back against the other side.

Baili Hong Zhuang suddenly felt that Liu Qin Yue’s psychological tolerance and character would be more appropriate for becoming an alchemist.

Compared to becoming a cultivator, Liu Qin Yue obviously had a more promising path as a pharmacist.

In the next moment, Baili Hong Zhuang appeared next to Liu Qin Yue.

Seeing Baili Hong Zhuang appear, Liu Qin Yue could not help but be relieved, but she was also slightly embarrassed.

The last time Yi Hu Cheng and his lackeys appeared, it had been Baili Hong Zhuang who helped her defeat her opponent.

In fact, her strength was even higher than Baili Hong Zhuang, but she still needed Baili Hong Zhuang’s help… She was really embarrassed.

If she could choose, she does not want Baili Hong Zhuang to help her. After all, as a proud woman, she had a certain degree of self-esteem in her heart.

However, the reality was the reality. She did not know why she turned weak whenever they appeared.

Ye Zhao looked at the beautiful appearance of Baili Hong Zhuang, a feeling of desire appearing in his eyes.

“I did not expect that my blessings would be so good. To deal with a beautiful woman, I did not expect to have a beautiful woman again.” After listening to Ye Zhao’s words, Baili Hong Zhuang’s face turned frosty. This man was really annoying.

Liu Qin Yue looked helplessly at Baili Hong Zhuang. She was really struggling to find words.

Ye Zhao had some complacency, but he really liked beautiful people.

Whether it was Liu Qin Yue or Baili Hong Zhuang, they were both rare beauties. The women among the mercenaries did not hold a candle.

Baili Hong Zhuang’s mouth curved in an enchanting smile, as she laughed, leaving Ye Zhao’s stunned, but Baili Hong Zhuang’s next words left Ye Zhao’s face ugly to the extreme.

“What good blessings are you talking about, having to face me, it must be your misfortune.

Ye Zhao’s face changed a bit, but then he calmed his mind and smiled again, “Little spicy, I like that too!”


Baili Hong Zhuang was simply too lazy to care for this guy, this kind of **** brained guy, even the strength was not very good!

Next time, Baili Hong Zhuang directly lifted her long sword, as she unhesitatingly stabbed towards the guy.

“Such a beautiful person even has the guts to attack me first.”

Ye Zhao smiled, not putting Baili Hong Zhuang’s attack in his eyes.

If he saw how his other comrade at the Mysterious Eon Late stage had died in the hands of Baili Hong Zhuang, he would no longer dare to be this carefree.

For Ye Zhao’s mistake of underestimating her, Baili Hong Zhuang did not care. She never cared for the enemy, because she could save more effort that way!

“Storm breaker!

Baili Hong Zhuang barked coldly, the martial arts slamming towards Ye Zhao!


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  1. Baili Hong Zhuang was simply too lazy to care for this guy, this kind of **** brained guy, even the strength was not very good!

    what are the *? is it dead brained?


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