Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife, Translation

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 454


Chapter 454  I Do Not Know Your Name


Having a better understanding of the situation, Baili Hong Zhuang directly walked closer to the miasma.

She had seen a lot of toxic miasmas in her past life, but it seemed that this miasma as more toxic than the ones she had encountered before.

When the practitioners around saw Baili Hong Zhuang walk so close to the miasma, a strange expression appeared on their faces.

“Girl, this is poisonous, I advise you to be a little farther away from the miasma.”

A young man could not help but walk next to Baili Hong Zhuang after seeing Baili Hong Zhuang’s beautiful face. Reminding in goodwill.

It would be a pity if the life of such a beautiful woman were to be extinguished because of this miasma.

The man who had walked towards her was young and Baili Hong Zhuang guessed that he was around twenty years old. He looked handsome and was well dressed. Obviously, he was not an ordinary mercenary. He should be the young master of some family.

“Thank you for reminding me.” Baili Hong Zhuang said lightly in a polite tone. Since the other party had reminded her out of goodwill she did not feel the need to be cold faced.

Immediately afterward, Baili Hong Zhuang took out a long needle from her Yin Yang pouch and tried to make the silver needle touch the miasma.

“Master, what are you doing?” Xiao Hei asked curiously, looking with its intelligent eyes.

Baili Hong Zhuang smiled faintly, “I’m testing the toxicity of the miasma, people can’t go inside it directly.”

“This acupuncture needle is really magical, you can even test the toxicity of the miasma using it.” Xiao Bai said with some emotion.

Baishi silently hugged the shoulders of Baili Hong Zhuang, his eyes tightly focused on the miasma. To be precise, he was staring into the depths of the miasma.

“Master, I seem to feel a familiar atmosphere in this miasma.”

Baishi’s eyes glowed with complex emotions, apparently somewhat skeptical and somewhat uncertain.

Her inky black, phoenix eyes swept over the miasma, and Baili Hong Zhaung felt a little strange. “You know which Wicked (demonic beast) is inside the miasma?”

Baishi was the Beastmaster, naturally, it belonged in the ranks of mythical beasts.

Wicked (demonic beasts) and human cultivators were different. Wicked (demonic beast) have a very magical power and can be contracted with.

Even Baishi had never seen a Wicked (demonic beat) of the same level ever since he came to be, its mother had already passed on a lot of knowledge to Baishi when she had bred him.

This included cultivation methods and all information that Baishi needs to know.

As Baishi grew up, Baishi learned more and more, whatever he had inherited in his memory would never go away. It was obviously better than human knowledge*.

Baishi shook his head and looked somewhat helpless. “I just felt that the aura was somewhat familiar, but I can’t be sure which Wicked (demonic beast) it is.”

Hearing this, Baili Hong Zhuang wasn’t disappointed and laughed. “It doesn’t matter. You might be able to tell when we get closer to the Wicked (demonic beast).”

Hu Jun Qing saw that Baili Hong Zhuang did not leave and instead took out a needle and put it into the miasma. A doubtful expression appeared on his face.

“Girl, what are you doing?”

The man asked and Baili Hong Zhuang looked at her side for a moment, there was a trace of impatience in her mind. She did not like to be disturbed when she was busy.

“I am Hu Jun Qing, I do not know what the girl is called?”

Seeing that Baili Hong Zhuang never answered, Hu Jun Qing did not care.

To the so-called fair lady, gentlemen would be good, for rare beauties like Baili Hong Zhuang, it was also normal for them to not care about other people.

Such a beautiful person, even if rejected, it was also an enjoyment.


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I think he means human knowledge as in the way we pass on our knowledge. It is mainly through books and, in some cultures, orally. In this way, a lot of it is changed and not as it was before (books are abridged and not necessarily available to everyone).

[ T/N  Sorry guys, had an exam to give yesterday, was busy preparing. The last week of May is full of anniversary and birthday celebrations for me, so I was mostly out partying and couldn’t translate… ]


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      1. “Wifey, no need to test any more, stand back where it’s safe.”

        *Punches flirtatious dude into the fog*

        “That bastard offered to test the miasma’s effects for us.”


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