Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife, Translation

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 461


Chapter 461


When Baili Hong Zhuang woke up, she felt that the original fatigue that she had been feeling had dissipated and she felt extremely energetic.

As a doctor, she knew very well how long it took for her body to recover. She had recovered quicker than anticipated. She could see that the pill that Di Bei Chen had fed her was of a very high value.

However, from the corner of her eyes, Baili Hong Zhuang caught sight of a slight smile on Di Bei Chen’s face.

“Wifey was holding her husband the entire night. Is she satisfied?” The sound was a bit teasing and low. The care in the eyes of Di Bei Chen remained unchanged.

Baili Hong Zhuang was slightly stunned. Then she realized that she was holding Di Bei Chen, and quickly released her hand.


Her face was tinged with a touch of blush, and Baili Hong Zhuang felt deeply annoyed. She knew she had been leaning on Di Bei Chen’s shoulder. Why, after she woke up, she was even holding onto Di Bei Chen.

This… is really not clear at all!

“Wifey shouldn’t be sad, we are husband and wife, you hold me while sleeping, it is natural.”

Di Bei Chen gazed at Baili Hong Zhuang with gentle eyes.

“I didn’t know what happened after I slept,” explained Baili Hong Zhuang.

“I understand.” Di Bei Chen nodded his head earnestly as if he completely believed Baili Hong Zhuang’s words.

However, the more she looked at Di Bei Chen, the more she understood that Di Bei Chen was not convinced.

Looking over at the other side, Baili Hong Zhuang found that everyone was looking at them with traces of smiles, and her face became even more awkward.

Xia Zhi Qing went next to Baili Hong Zhuang and smiled slyly, “Hong Zhuang, I now feel more and more that you and Di Bei Chen are a natural pair.”

Baili Hong Zhuang looked at Xia Zhi Qing, “I just slept, I don’t even know why it became this way.”

“It’s normal. A couple should be like this. I think your feelings are enviable.” Xia Zhi Qing said with a smile.

“You don’t know, but in order to let you sleep comfortably, Di Bei Chen has kept the same posture since he woke up. He never moved. I really admire him!”

“Huh?” Previously, she had not paid attention to this matter.

Xia Zhi Qing nodded seriously. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed Hong Zhuang. I think that Di Bei Chen is very good to you.

“You didn’t have any rest for two days and night while developing the Detoxification Dan. Di Bei Chen was also beside you the entire time and never rested. If a man can be so good to me, I too will treat him well. You must cherish this.”

Xia Zhi Qing said with sincerity, earnest. As a friend, she was very happy for Hong Zhuang.

Baili Hong Zhuang felt slightly touched, and her eyes could not help but look at Di Bei Chen, just happening to catch a glimpse of Di Bei Chen’s smile.

Her calm heart suddenly jumped.

“Master, you like Di Bei Chen, haha!” Xia Hei gleefully said.

“Agreed.” Xiao Bai followed.

“I agree too.” Baishi also said enthusiastically.


Baili Hong Zhuang could not be bothered to reprimand these three contractual beasts who were happy and instead looked towards the crowd and said: “I have developed the Detoxification Dan, we should now be able to enter the miasma.”

Then Baili Hong Zhuang distributed her Detoxification Dan among everyone.

“Baili Hong Zhuang, can you really resist the toxin with this Detoxification Dan?” Lu Huai Yan asked.


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Chapter 461  You Like Di Bei Chen



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