Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife, Translation

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 469


Chapter 469


“Wow, what is the identity of Di Bei Chen?” Xia Zhi Qing moved closer to Bi Jun Yu and whispered.

Bai Jun Yu had a slightly complicated expression on his face. “I don’t know, but his background is certainly not simple.”

Gong Shao Qing and the others were also silent. From the change in Yan Ling Xuan’s attitude, they could deduce a thing or two.

Yan Ling Xuan obviously disdained them, but after seeing Di Bei Chen, don’t talk of disdain, he even became extremely respectful.

Xia Zhi Qing and the others didn’t know the identity of Yan Ling Xuan and the other three, but Fu Hong Bp and Lu Huai Yan had some understanding.

Yan Ling Xuan was the outstanding younger brother of the Yan Jia which was a cultivator family. The Yan Jia was not like any other cultivators family, but a real monster.

The Cang Lan College was extremely important in this area. However, the Yan Jia had a certain status in the entire Sheng Xue continent. The large gap between the two could be seen.

Not only Yan Ling Xuan, even the identity of Ji Yun’er was extraordinary.

It seems that the identity of Di Bei Chen was higher than they thought!

In the past, they had already known that the reason Di Bei Chen had come to the College was that of Baili Hong Zhuang. Now it seems that the position of Baili Hong Zhuang was far more important in Di Bei Chen’s eyes than they thought.

This understanding was based on Di Bei Chen’s identity.

As soon as they thought of this, they thought of Baili Hong Zhuang was the daughter of a general, her identity was not bad. But compared to Di Bei Chen…

But why even though the two of them were separated by such a big gap, Di Bei Chen still preferred to stick to Baili Hong Zhuang?

At the moment, Ji Yun’er also noticed Baili Hong Zhuang standing next to Di Bei Chen.

Even though she was a proud daughter of her home, after seeing Baili Hong Zhuang, she was inevitable stunned, and from the was Baili Hog Zhuang stood next to Di Bei Chen, we can see that the relationship between the two was very close.

How did she not know that Di Bei Chen was so intimate with a woman?

“Di Gongzi, after hearing that you came back into the cultivator world, I have wanted to see you, but when I went I heard you were not at the sect. Seeing you here today, it is a very nice surprise.

Eyes flashing with respect, and a bright expectation, there was a bit of intimacy in her words.

Saying that, Ji Yun’er could not help but cast disdainful looks at Baili Hong Zhuang, how could the students of such a lowly college deserve this godlike person.

At the moment, everyone suddenly understood the meaning of Ji Yun’er. I’m afraid that Ji Yun’er was quite interested in Di Bei Chen.
Obviously, her attitude had clearly shown it.

“Everybody is very busy, such things are not needed.”

Unlike the warm-heartedness of Ji Yun’er. Di Bei Chen did not express even the slightest bit of joy for Ji Yun’er’s words, and on the contrary, had a trace of indifference.

Listening to Di Bei Chen’s words, Ji Yun’er felt a bit awkward, but she covered it up in an instant.

“Master, this woman is really ambitious, even dares to grab your man!” Xiao Hei furiously roared.

There was nothing wrong with grabbing, but daring to grab the master’s man!

This was absolutely not allowed!

“Yes, this is unbearable, and it is time to swear sovereignty!”


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Chapter 469  Master, She’s Grabbing Your Man!


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  1. How to said this Do BeiChen is already the hero hubby in this little beast hearts, how can some unknown woman come to cover their master’s husband?

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  2. Grabbing your man? Is this Ji Yun’er just a gnat trying to get close to the sweet fruit.This one has already jumped down from the tree, right into Zhuang’er’s arms. Besides ,they have been married for a long time.

    Thank you


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