Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife, Translation

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 470


Chapter 470  Di Bei Chen’s Past


What a joke!

It was hard for the owner to get this close to Di Bei Chen. Now this person, who came out of nowhere, wanted to take advantage and dig their master’s corner.

They were Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai, when had they ever eaten dry rice?*

Seeing Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai so angry for her, Baili Hong Zhuang’s eyes filled with a warm smile.

Since these two little guys had acknowledged her as their master, they had been wholehearted to her. Once something happens, these two fluffballs would be more anxious than her.

Although sometimes she pretended to disregard them, to be able to have these three beasts with her, she never felt lonely.

“Not in a hurry.”

Baili Hong Zhuang looked calm and collected. In terms of feelings, she always considered waiting for a while.

If the other person can easily take it away, then it is not what she wants.**

Moreover, she was very confident about Di Bei Chen.

“It’s okay.” Ji Yun’er smiled lightly.

“When will you return to the sect, Di Gongzi?” Yan Ling Xuan’s eyes flashed with curiosity.

Among the young generation of the various force, Di Bei Chen’s position was at the absolute top.

If you could have a good relationship with Di Bei Chen, it was naturally excellent.

“When my lady is ready to go with me, I will go back.”

When this remark was heard, Ji Yun’er, Yan Ling Xuan, Lin Yi Rou and Huang Fu Hui were all shocked, their eyes widened and they looked at Di Bei Chen indiscernibly.

What did they just hear?

Di Bei Chen had a wife?

During this time, they had never heard the news that Di Bei Chen had a woman with him.

All along, Di Bei Chen was never interested in women, with his position in the sect, I don’t know how many women would throw themselves at him.

However, Di Bei Chen had always been cold and indifferent and was even too lazy to make even perfunctory attempts.

It was because of this that there were even rumors that Di Bei Chen did not like women.

However, as Han Xi Ling appeared beside Di Bei Chen, these rumors gradually diminished.

The people who were a little familiar with Di Bei Chen still knew that the relationship between Di Bei Chen and Han Xi Ling was not what the outside world thought.

But no one thought that Di Bei Chen actually had a lady. This was like a huge bomb that scared all of them.

Ji Yun’er could no longer pretend to be indifferent At the beginning, she was quite familiar with Di Bei Chen because of the good ties between the two powers behind them, she also often had the opportunity to meet Di Bei Chen.

She used to always regard Di Bei Chen as an object of her admiration. After all, the ability to have such strength at such a young age, Di Bei Chen was another young hero, which was indeed her ideal object of admiration.***

Did not think that two years ago, Di Bei Chen would unexpectedly be turned into a disabled person with crippled legs, and since then he had plummeted. He had not even continued to stay at his sect.

Although she felt sorry at the time, she did not say anything. A cultivator with crippled legs was destined to be unable to achieve much success.

However, not long ago, Di Bei Chen suddenly reappeared. Not only had his strength not depleted, on the contrary, it had grown.

Upon returning to his sect, Di Bei Chen had resolved everything in a resolute manner, resolved all roadblocks and reclaimed his previous position.

The news had spread quickly and shocked everyone.


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* Eating dry rice : (From what I can gather, it means) to suffer grievances

** Baili Hong Zhuang is saying that if a person who claims to like her can be taken away by another girl so easily, then she does not want that person.

*** That ***** Ji Yun’er keeps calling Di Bei Chen, ‘object’ of her affection. Object? OBJECT?! This ***** really has some gall. MF…



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