Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife, Translation

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 515


Chapter 515  Leaving And Entering The Monument


“The ward is gradually disappearing!”

A shout came, and everyone’s gazes immediately locked onto the ancient monument.

The ward, which was originally shining with a colorful light, gradually dissipated, like the melting of the snow, and there was no obstruction between the people and the relic.

The white body of the monument was magnificent, and a tall and thick white jade door appeared in front of everyone.

In the face of such a huge door, everyone’s heart was inevitably filled with a sense of awe.

As a younger generation, in the face of a legacy left by a predecessor, they would always feel awe and yearning.

“The ward has disappeared, we now enter it!”

Lu Huai Yan’s voice was full of excitement, and his originally faint breathing had become rushed.

Everyone nodded and their eyes shone with the rich light of excitement. For the treasures in the monument, they had long been blinded.

The moment when the ward completely disappeared, the four cultivation families and Tian Gang Zong had already begun making their move and rushed to the monument without hesitation. The treasures inside were all unknown, first come first serve, the ones coming late could only rob from the hands of other people!

“Niangzi, be careful after entering. If you can, you must follow behind me.”

Di Bei Chen’s face was filled with a dignified color, and he gazed deeply at Baili Hong Zhuang. The traces of worry in his eyes were overflowing as he said these words.

Baili Hong Zhuang nodded slightly, “I understand!”

“Okay, let’s go in!”

Di Bei Chen nodded and immediately took the hand of Baili Hong Zhuang and rushed towards the door.

Lu Huai Yan and the others also no longer hesitated, and they too rushed towards the door. Only Liu Qin Yue stayed in the same place. She had already made her decision, and even though the inside would be full of eyes catching treasures, the most important thing was to keep your life.

“Gong gege (1), I will be waiting for you at the Cang Lan College. You must come back safely!”

Liu Qin Yue looked at the departing back of Gong Shao Qing and couldn’t help but shout. There were faint tears in her eyes. She was really worried about this; if she went back first, and was unable to see Gong Shao Qing later.

“I will!”

Gong Shao Qing responded, but never looked back.

Ding ding ding! (2)

The crowd had just pushed open the heavy doors when countless arrows flew directly at them from inside. Some of the cultivators who could not at quick enough were hit by these arrows and lost their lives.

Di Bei Chen and Baili Hong Zhuang had started a few moments later than everyone else, so they stopped after seeing the arrow attack.

“Sure enough, there are many organs (3) in the ancient monument, they must have been activated when the door was opened.”

There was a faint emotion in the words of Baili Hong Zhuang, and the previously white building had been contaminated with blood, and the faint bloody smell was also spreading in the air.

The dignified emotion in Di Bei Chen’s eyes was getting thicker and thicker. “The danger in this monument is a bit more than we anticipated.”

“In my opinion, it will not be a simple matter to enter this monument. We don’t need to be too anxious. Let’s go in after everyone enters.”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s eyes flashed with wisdom. This ruin was so huge that there must be passages in every direction when they enter. Even if they go in late, they will not lose out on too much.

Hearing these words, Di Bei Chen was amazed in his heart. At this moment, his wife was not blinded by the treasures inside the monument. On the contrary, she was so calm, which really made him feel at ease.


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(1) I think I have translated it as LQY calling GSQ as Gong dage and Han Xi Ling calling DBC as Di dage previously, when it should actually be Gong gege/Di gege (or ge instead of gege). I used to assume that dage is used for referring to an older male you are close to, and while that is true, that is not the correct term used if you have romantic feelings. In which case the form of address would be ‘ge‘ or ‘gege‘, more intimate.

(2) The character used is  “叮叮叮!” literally pronounced as “Ding ding ding“, meaning a tinkling or jingling sound. I am assuming that this is referring to hurried footsteps and have left it as in the raws.

(3) Literally ” 机关 ” (jī guān), meaning a mechanism, gear, machine operated or organ. This term refers to mechanisms which will cause a door to open or close, and may be hidden and can release traps (←this are just examples, like in this chapter when the door opened, arrows flew, so think of similar things happening due to mechanisms). I have translated this as an ‘organ’ instead of ‘mechanism’ cause it makes more sense, and this term (机关) comes up many times in later chapters, so you may want to remember it.


Long translator notes this time. On an added note, I read 900 chapters of BP in past 6 days (started chapter 1600-2500 and some chapters after 2800). I’ve been thinking of adding a character list, but let’s see.

The previous chapter has been correctly updated ⇒ Chapter 514.

Now, for the note explaining what I did and what I discovered. (It will take some time to write).




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  1. For ji guan, I feel in the context of this story, you can also use booby traps. Usually, in western books with treasure hunt etc, that is what is used. It will cover all kinds of traps, mechanisms used in this type of scenario.


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