Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife, Translation

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 518

Chapter 518  Di Bei Chen’s Attitude


In fact, it was not only because of that fact that Bili Hong Zhuang chose that channel but because when she pointed at the passage, she found that the Ring of Chaos trembled slightly.

This was the first time that she had felt such a reaction from the Ring of Chaos.

She had been experimenting before, and she found that when she pointed to these passages, the Rong of Chaos sometimes had no movement, but sometimes it trembled, and the intensity of vibration was different for the passages.

Among them, the most volatile reaction was from this channel, so she did not hesitate to choose this channel.

Di Bei Chen looked at the passage and nodded, “Whichever one you choose is the one we will take.”

However, as Di Bei Chen was preparing to walk forward, Han Xi Ling suddenly held Di Bei Chen’s sleeves, and said, “Di gege, I think that that passage is not good, we should choose the one in the middle.”

With the voice of Han Xi Ling falling, the atmosphere around stagnated, this was no doubt giving Di Bei Chen two choices.

Baili Hong Zhuang looked indifferent and said, “Then I will move forward.”

At this moment, she would not fight unnecessarily with Han XI Ling to show her sovereignty. Others had already begun to act, and she could no longer continue to delay.

(T/N You mean, if you weren’t here in this situation, you would have slapped white lotus b*tch to the yellow springs?)

Her words were said, and Baili Hong Zhuang no longer hesitated and went straight towards the leftmost channel.

Han Xi Ling saw that Baili Hong Zhuang walked off without a fight, and a touch of smugness quietly flashed through her eyes, and she then said, “Di gege, we…”

However, without talking to Han Xi Ling, Di Bei Chen interrupted her words, said, “Xi Ling, since you think that the channel in the middle is right, you go there, it should be no problem with your strength, I will go first.”

With this, Di Bei Chen did not hesitate walking in the direction of Baili Hong Zhuang, he had already said he would not let Baili Hong Zhuang be alone.

He was also very familiar with the attitude of Baili Hong Zhuang who had left.

His time with Hong Zhuang was not short, the arrogance in her heart he could understand very well, he was afraid that the appearance of Xi Ling would only cause her dissatisfaction.

With the arrogance of his wife, she would not fight for him and find it an unnecessary problem.

He really should solve this problem quickly.

Seeing Di Bei Chen leave so hastily, Han Xi Ling’s face was ugly.

Once upon a time, Di Bei Chen never had such an attitude towards her, leaving directly and not even giving her a little face.

In just three years, Di gege had such a big change.

At the moment when Baili Hong Zhuang entered the passage, Di Bei Chen once again took her hand.

“Niangzi, you can’t leave your husband behind and go by yourself!”

Di Bei Chen’s voice was slightly teasing, but the words sounded seriously in Baili Hong Zhuang’s ears, and her palms had been wrapped with his warm ones.

Baili Hong Zhuang turned her line of sight and looked over the handsome face of Di Bei Chen which held a smile and an expression of indulgence, so close, so warm.

After all, he did not hesitate to choose her and walk with her, and Baili Hong Zhuang’s mouth overflowed with a smile (1).

She understood that the reason for Di Bei Chen’s current attitude to Han Xi Ling was because he and Han Xi Ling had known each other for many years.

Now, the actions of Di Bei Chen had clearly demonstrated his attitude. He had nothing more to do with Han Xi Ling except for their friendship in addition to their many years of acquaintance.

Baili Hong Zhuang tightly held onto Di Bei Chen’s hand, a shallow smile of her charming face, “Let’s go!”

Only Han Xi Ling stood in the same place, watching the backs of the two people her eyes were very murky.


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(1) I don’t have any idea how anyone’s mouth can overflow with a smile… but that’s what the raws say. It’s just one of those things that happens with another language. For example, in Hindi we can say “Kaala akshar bhains barabar” but in English it would turn to, “Black character’s equal a buffalo.” Like wut?

(Highlight text below if you want to read some more random translations of Hindi sayings)

The above one is too hilarious, let me translate a few more ridiculous phrases for you (these make sense to me, but to those not speaking Hindi, well…)
Daal mein kaala → Black in lentil
Nau do gyaarah hona → To become nine-eleven
Tu sher to main sawa sher → If you’re a lion, I’m a one and a quarter lion
Aasman se gira, khajoor pe atka → Fallen from the sky, stuck on a date
Ghar ki murgi daal baraabar → House’s hen is equal to lentils
Begani shaadi mein Abdullah deewana → Abdullah going loco in someone else’s wedding…

I can’t do more, this is too funny…

And to those who do understand Hindi, Tie = Kanth langot


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  1. (T/N You mean, if you weren’t here in this situation, you would have slapped white lotus b*tch to the yellow springs?) yeahhh I think too..haahah
    Poor Di Bei Chen does not have confidence in his charm hahaahah but yeahhh BHZ is just like that xD

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    1. Wow she’s a real slut, type of woman you see in every harem will do anything to get the man with a d*ck for brains to be with her. Atleast her husband has only her in his sight

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  2. Just checked one of those sites and they did just copy/paste the whole thing…haha those suckers! I should check again tomorrow if it wasn’t changed….where did you get the dummy chapter though?


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      2. No, it’s not a program. If people on that website report a problem with the chapter, they will reupload the chapter, which is why even if I keep the dummies up there for a long time, there’s no way around it…
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  3. Please try to keep your fake chapter numbers the same as the current real chapter numbers as those of us using Novel Updates have the wrong chapter numbers and can’t use the bookmarks function. On Novel Updates it shows chapter 518 & 519 even though they aren’t out yet and makes it hard for me to tell if I’ve read the current chapters yet.
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    1. I’m not quite sure what you’re requesting?

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      2. Like this:


        Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 518

        September 12, 2018Shazi Sultan

        Chapter 518 ( <— actual chapter updated).

        Chapter 519 ( <— actual chapter updated).

        Chapter 518 *****

        Closing the doors of her room firmly after instructing her guards to not let anyone enter her chambers until morning, Jue Fan Lei1, the Empress of Shanjiang2 continent, dismissed her maid. She was in hurry and the usually very perceptive her failed to notice the knowing glances and smiles of the maid. There was, after all, only one person that their usually cold empress would be willing to be so anxious to meet.

        After making sure no one was there, Jue Fan Lei blew out the candles, tightly clasping a dark maroon velvet cape around her. In the quietness of her huge chamber, her footsteps echoed off the white marble flooring. Standing in front of her study, she bit her lip in apprehension. Pushing the doors aside, she quickly entered the room; putting a matrix spell quickly and efficiently on the door, a powerful matrix spell that no one in the entire continent of Shanjiang would be able to break.


      1. Aaah, I wasn’t sure if the detailed plots/events from her younger days was something covered in a different beginning but I still like it. Will there be flashbacks to the fights of her youth or is that just a brief setup of her past and character? 😍😘


      2. Ok, i am willing to read if you ever decide to post it somewhere like Wattpad or Webnovel originals :-). No rush for me to see releases as I enjoy quality or integrity of works equally or more so than speed of updates (I don’t have much creativity or any knack with prose so can only imagine that time pressure as an added strain). Not that I wouldn’t want updates, just that I wouldn’t pester for them …. unless there was a drought for more than a month, I may ask if it was dropped😧


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