Fates Entwine

The Fates Entwine quintet or the Of Blood, Mud And Bones quintet is a five book fantasy/werewolf story. Spread across a timeline of more than four decades, all five books feature a different couple with female character ranging from a sweet belle with a tortured past, to a heartless beauty lusting for revenge too weak to control even herself.

Of course we have the male characters, they too ranging from the sweet one, the indifferent one, the bloodthirsty one and two more.


Book 1 | The Fallen And The Forgotten

Dragged down by her crippled leg and her dislike for the sister she loves, Isobella one day discovers a magical world where a hauntingly beautiful man claims to be her ‘soulmate’. Even if she were to believe him, he is something that she fears and despises more than anything in this world. One day, when the plot of an old villain who has terrorized this world for decades, succeeds, it is up to Isobella to save this beautiful man and the people whom she has come to like.

This world that she likes, she wants to save it!


Book 2 | The Bruised And The Broken

The hatred that has seeped into her skin, down to bones rots her from the inside out as feelings of uselessness eat her alive. The mother she loved is dead and she, now no more than an entertainer who men leer at lewdly. She has friends, but they are disposable talking cardboard pieces, but when one of them is wrongly killed, she realizes how unfair this world is.

This cold, dark hatred which makes her eyes red from bloodlust, and the world around her bathed in red, sh must report!


Book 3 | The Damaged And The Destroyed

The most beautiful werewolf princess, crowned so for her enchanting beauty that can only be competed with by a few one day disappears. For seven years, only the rumors of her float around and gradually she is being forgotten. Her brother protects her sanctity, keeping her sanity, helping her forget the grief of their broken family.

When the young woman announces she will be going out into the world alone, although unwilling, those around her grant her wish. Until she is caught in suffocating embrace of a man whom people claim is a monster.


Book 4 | The Malevolent And The Malicious

Trapped in a cage of bones, bathed in the blood of innocents, she slips into insanity. Whatever she touches shrivels and dies. One fateful day, when she runs away, she is discovered by the men of the Alpha of Blood, dragged into the council of werewolves, she is mocked and humiliated. There she encounters a man perpetually stone faced who claims her as his.

She does not want to ruin this love, but everything she touches turns to dust.


Book 5 | The Willful And The Woeful

The balance of their world gone, it is not just the werewolves who are suffering. The oceans are turning murky, Goddess Elvima is missing. The ploy of the villain is in its final stages. If someone can’t be killed, force them onto their side, maim and kill all who come in their way.

And caught in the middle of this struggle is Marelaine who has it fated to never experience romantic love. It’s okay, she has her daughter for company, but why won’t this infuriating man let her go?!



Okay, so… Although I have a very good idea of how the first four books play out, the last one… I do have an idea what happens but will I be able to give the series a conclusion with the fifth book? Don’t know. Which is why it is unknown is this series will have five books or six….

Yeah. The books work according to a mixed timeline. Ideally, you should read the books in series, but you can read the first four books in any order, only the last book has to be read at last. Can also be read as single books, but that will mean cliffhanger ends to one or two of them, one might even call them tragic ends.



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