“No one can tell your story, so tell it yourself. No one can write your story, so write it yourself.” ∞

Original stories by me. I’ll be adding blurbs on here, however, the question of if I will post the chapters of my stories has not yet been decided.

First, I’m an erratic writer with no fixed writing time. Ergo, I can go weeks without updating, pretty sure many people would hate that.
Second, I don’t know if I should use this site to advertise my personal work when I a updating translated chapters for BP. However, making another website… too much work…
Third, my work is probably not everyone’s cup of tea… so…

Anyways, if you do decide from the blurbs that my story is worth reading… I’ll surely post my works!


~  S h a z i  ~


2 thoughts on “Stories”

    1. If you want to, I have posted the prologue for my Fantasy/Werewolf series, just search The Fallen And The Forgotten. I will add that link to my stories page, that day, I was feeling sleepy so I didn’t post it.
      Even my writing is a hobby, but I am confident enough with my ideas that I could become a writer, I just need a hell lot of polishing to my writing.
      Writing is a way to express, and everyone should have some basic skills in it. It’s good to have it as a hobby.


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