Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife, Translation

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife : Chapter 424


Chapter 424  Night Camping


Feeling the sudden change in Di Bei Chen’s mood, Baili Hong Zhuang looked at him, finding that Di Bei Chen’s face was cold as ice, dark and depressed.

“I will not die so easily, it must be a blessing.”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s voice was soft, she had long since realized that the Demonic Beast Tide incident was a knot in Di Bei Chen’s heart.

Every time she mentioned the Demonic Beast Tide, Di Bei Chen’s emotions seemed to change, but this change… Was because of her?

Di Bei Chen looked at Baili Hong Zhuang as if he was trying to etch her in his heart.

He nodded slightly, the tension in the atmosphere easing a bit, and that unparalleled beautiful face revealed an evil, charming smile again.

Baili Hong Zhuang sighed in relief. Although she had never seen an angry Di Bei Chen, she believed that Di Bei Chen’s rage would be very scary.

As they gradually descended down the Luo Yun Mountains, there were fewer and fewer people around, occasionally they would come across a group of mercenaries who was also going towards the miasma forest, other times there were no movements.

On this expedition, it was inevitable that they would run into Wicked beasts. However, they were all sensitive and the beasts were quickly disposed of by them.

In particular, Cui Hao Yan and Gong Shao Qing had repeatedly demonstrated their experience from entering the Luo Yun Mountains so many times.

Therefore, the entire team did not suffer in the slightest. On the contrary, they had a lot of gains.

The eyes of Xia Zhi Qing were always glowing with excitement. On this expedition, she was more excited than nervous.

Baili Hong Zhuang was also feeling pretty normal. Her spiritual strength was strong due to being an alchemist. Coupled with the fact that she had traversed through time to come here, her spiritual power was undoubtedly the strongest among this group.

Along with the existence of Xiao Hei, Xiao Bai, and Baishi, she was the first person to find the trail of Wicked.

However, even in these circumstances, she did not react, she did not try to grab the limelight.

This was even more true for Di Bei Chen, even if he sensed the beasts, his clear and handsome face did not have the slightest change.

Truthfully, Baili Hong Zhuang and the others did not feel like they were on an expedition, at the moment, they felt like it was an excursion.

This must be because the strength of the Wicked in the Luo Yun Mountains was not that strong, and with their strength, no one in the group would suffer.

However, as they went deeper, they too had to be careful of the surrounding Wicked.

As night fell, the whole Luo Yun Mountains was shrouded in darkness. The calls and shrieks of the Wicked, made the surroundings sinister.

“The sky is already dark. Let’s find a place to rest.” Cui Hao Yan said, “The beasts are rampant at night. If we continue on this path, we will be in trouble if we run into the stronger ones.”

Hearing this, everyone nodded. Their strength at night was not comparable to Wicked.

It was known that many mercenaries had died in the Luo Yun Mountains because they were attacked in the night by Wicked.

“I’ve been in this area before. I know a good place for camping.”

“That’s good.” Cui Hao Yan replied with a laugh. “Dong Fang Yu, you come in the front to lead the way.


Dong Fang Yu immediately walked to the front of the group and led the team to the place he spoke of.

After walking for about one incense sticks’ time, the group finally arrived at the place.

It was a highland, and the surrounding vision was wide. If there were any Wicked beasts, it would certainly not escape anyone’s attention. This was indeed an excellent place to camp.


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[ T/N  Also, Wicked = Demonic Beast. This is because I distinctly remember the author using this term in the later chapters, although those chapters are far ahead, better get used to it now. ]


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  1. ohhh that is why…but wouldn`t the author will be refering to some kind of special “kind” of demon beast? but good that you made the aclaration…xD Thanks for the translation, love you!


  2. I am so happy to have found this novel translation here as has been searching for a while since the first translator dropped the work. Thank you so much for picking up and continue with translation, bless you!


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